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Centers of Coordination


The focus of the research project „Centers of Coordination“ is on control rooms and coordination centers, in particular those of „Smart Cities“, that are equipped with technical information and communication systems and infrastructures to monitor, record and regulate specific processes within a controlled area. Since these centers are an emblem for the translocalization and mediatization of spaces, the aim is not only to observe and explain thier changes, but also to use this information as an indication for the recent re-figuration of space in late modernity as a whole.

Considering the recent developments of communication technology, we are on the one hand interested in the mediatization of communicative actions within and between control rooms, as well as tranformations that concern the relation between control rooms and their external area. On the other hand, we investigate how the ever changing mediatization has an impact on modes of control, how it influences communicative action in control rooms, and how this eventually changes the way space is percieved, performed and synthesized.

In order to capture the long-term change of these centers since 1990, old control room data will be compared with videographic surveys from currently operating control rooms, as well as research on advanced „integrated operatons centers“ of Smart Cities.

We are confident that an empirical anylsis has the potential to further clarify the polycontexturalization of space, espacially in terms of shifts of social control and power.


This project (B02) is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 1265 "Re-Figuration of Spaces".

Project information on the website of the Collaborative Research Center: www.sfb1265.de/en/subprojects/centres-of-coordination/

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Hubert Knoblauch

Research Assistants: Arne Janz and David Joshua Schröder

Associated Researchers: Dr Rene Tuma and Theresa Vollmer

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