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Visual Communication

DFG-Project "Visual Communication in Science Based on a Case-Study in Computational Neuroscience"

Even though Science and Technology Studies (STS) have already paid some attention to the visual, what we call visual communication remains largely unexplored. Without question, there is research on the interpretation of representations in disciplinary “viscourses” (Knorr Cetina), but there is still a research gap when it comes to looking closer at the production and use of visualizations as part of interdisciplinary communication. This is especially true in heterogeneously organized scientific fields in which visualizations are not only a means of translation, but also the central epistemic object in maintaining knowledge production. Our research question is how scientific practices and forms of visual communication are associated with interdisciplinary forms of organization of science. The research project thereby also refers to the question of whether there is an emergence of typical forms of visual communication between traditional disciplines. To answer these questions, we focus on a field which is highly shaped by visual practices: computational neuroscience. Computational neuroscience nowadays is the predominant form of organization of neuroscience research. Here, researchers from computer science, psychology, clinical research, mathematics, biology and physics collaborate on the basis of visualizations. In this way, our research seeks to reveal more about the promotional properties of visualizations in interdisciplinary collaborations.

Head of project: Prof. Dr. Hubert Knoblauch
Researchers: Eric Lettkemann and René Wilke

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